I love this word. I recently read it while rereading the Christmas story in Matthew (1:23), but it wasn’t until then that I fully took in the context of the word. It means God with us. And the word with means to be accompanied by. We are accompanied by God. The Lord of all creation.

2016 is when I learned to fight. And when I also learned that I wasn’t fighting alone. I have a God that fights before me and people who fight beside me. The Lord fights with me. It has been extremely comforting this year to be reminded of the promises from Joshua – that the Lord will never leave or forsake me and that He fights for me during every battle. I am thankful that the Lord has shown me time and time again that He is faithful through every single storm.

There were definitely times throughout this year I thought God had left me. When I cried out in the woods for help and asked if He cared. He was there. When I stood crying for the loss of my Pawpaw, He was there. When I took a step into the unknown and asked for help, God met me and helped me work through things. When I taught lessons and when I had to tell my first graders goodbye after they had given me so much joy. Jesus was with me then.

God has been with me through it all. He has proven himself faithful time and time again. And He is waiting to show Himself faithful to you, too. He has never left your side or mine. Through the storms, the Lord has taught me to cling to Him no matter what. No matter what–in times where you feel His presence and things are great AND in times where you doubt His existence. That’s my advice, grab hold of your Savior and hold on with every ounce of strength you have in your body. Never let go and never lose sight of the Light of the world. The Lord has shown me how to be faithful to Him because He is faithful forever.

He came in the form of a little baby to show us that He is with us. That He was going to live right beside us and then give us the Spirit to live within us. I pray that you all may find joy in the fact that God is with us this Christmas and every single second any other day.

Thank You, Lord for the gift of Your Son. Our Immanuel.



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