where have i been

Sitting down to write has been hard. My life as a full-time teacher has been crazy and a huge adjustment. I started to write something else but ended up with this list of advice, things I’ve learned or whatever else you want to call my rambling

  1. life is a never ending roller coaster of ups and downs
  2. acting in obedience is easier said than done
  3. finding community is hard
  4. sometimes the tears fall and you can’t stop them
  5. tears are cleansing and laughter is healing
  6. trying to get 18 kids to focus for more than one minute is a challenge
  7. going to bed at 8pm some nights is glorious
  8. taylor swift’s new album is very catchy
  9. dancing in the car is required on spontaneous road trips
  10. you need those road trips to make it through life
  11. twelve hour car rides make you delusional
  12. friends are always worth the distance
  13. funny conversations happen on rooftop bars
  14. missing places and people never gets easier
  15. prayer is important
  16. living given to others is the best way to live #betheGIFT
  17. joy is always present when your eyes are fixed on Christ
  18. writing still helps me relax
  19. a teacher’s job is never finished
  20. your life matters and what you do with it matters
  21. asking God to take you outside your comfort zone is scary, but needed
  22. wearing a dress every single day for FREEDOM is great #dressember
  23. give one kid a hug, get a hug from every other kid
  24. hugs make the world a better place
  25. family traditions make me smile
  26. your past doesn’t have to dictate how you live in the present
  27. kids love unconditionally
  28. fresh grace for yourself and those around you is the best way to start the day


sometimes it is easier to hurt than to ask for help

but asking for help is always the better option

and when you ask for help, be honest

because honesty brings light 

and light casts out darkness.

If I’ve learned anything in the past few months, it is how to ask for help and not be afraid to receive it. Someone is waiting with a hand to pull you up, with a band-aid for your scabbed knee, with a tissue for your tears, with a hug to let you know that everything will be okay, and Jesus waiting most of all. To wrap you in His love. He is the true light after all.





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